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#100 wontfix Unable to update to rpm-libs 4.8.1-19 and urpo 20150101-9 Lewis Rosenthal

We seem to have a problem making the upgrade:

Downloading Packages:
Running rpm_check_debug
Running Transaction Test
Transaction Test Succeeded
Running Transaction
  Updating       : urpo-20150101-9.oc00.i386                                1/4

Error unpacking rpm package urpo-20150101-9.oc00.i386
error: unpacking of archive failed on file /@unixroot/usr/lib/urpo.dll: cpio: ch
  Updating       : rpm-libs-4.8.1-19.oc00.i386                              2/4

Error unpacking rpm package rpm-libs-4.8.1-19.oc00.i386
error: unpacking of archive failed on file /@unixroot/usr/lib/rpm.dll: cpio: cho
urpo-20141223-7.oc00.i386 was supposed to be removed but is not!
rpm-libs-4.8.1-18.oc00.i386 was supposed to be removed but is not!

yum.log says:

Jan 01 22:19:15 urpo-20150101-9.oc00.i386: 100
Jan 01 22:19:24 Updated: rpm-4.8.1-19.oc00.i386
Jan 01 22:19:24 rpm-libs-4.8.1-19.oc00.i386: 100
Jan 01 22:19:33 Updated: rpm-build-4.8.1-19.oc00.i386
Jan 01 22:19:34 Updated: urpo-devel-20150101-9.oc00.i386
Jan 01 22:19:34 urpo-devel: ts_done name in te is rpm-libs should be urpo-devel

(not much help in the log)

There does not appear to be anything wrong with the rpms themselves. I see this on multiple systems, too.

As a result of multiple attempts, I am left with:

12-23-14  14:10           3,072    124   ___A_  urpo.dll
 1-01-15  22:19           3,207    124   ___A_  urpo.dll;54a60e33
 1-01-15  22:20           3,207    124   ___A_  urpo.dll;54a60e70
 1-01-15  22:21           3,207    124   ___A_  urpo.dll;54a60ed4
 1-01-15  22:40           3,207    124   ___A_  urpo.dll;54a61346

though I do seem to have ended up with the correct rpm.dll, somehow:

 1-01-15  22:42         268,875    124   ___A_  rpm.dll
 1-01-15  22:19         268,875    124   ___A_  rpm.dll;54a60e33
 1-01-15  22:20         268,875    124   ___A_  rpm.dll;54a60e70
 1-01-15  22:21         268,875    124   ___A_  rpm.dll;54a60ed4
#102 duplicate yum update failed on updating RPM guzzi

From yum.log:

Jan 03 23:19:47 urpo-20150101-9.oc00.pentium4: 100 Jan 03 23:19:47 rpm-libs-4.8.1-19.oc00.pentium4: 100 Jan 03 23:19:48 Updated: rpm-4.8.1-19.oc00.pentium4 Jan 03 23:19:48 rpm-python-4.8.1-19.oc00.pentium4: 100 Jan 03 23:19:48 rpm: ts_done name in te is rpm-python should be rpm

After that yum would not display any output on the screen when it was run and didn't seem to work anymore. I installed the bootstrap package and tried installing the packages with that:

Running Transaction

Updating : rpm-python-4.8.1-19.oc00.pentium4 1/2

Error unpacking rpm package rpm-python-4.8.1-19.oc00.pentium4 error: unpacking of archive failed on file /@unixroot/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/rpm/_rpm.dll: cpio: chmod rpm-python-4.8.1-18.oc00.pentium4 was supposed to be removed but is not!


rpm-python.pentium4 0:4.8.1-19.oc00

This is the file that was created: F:\usr\lib\python2.7\site-packages\rpm\_rpm.dll;54a889d6

A similar error occurred for urpo-20150101-9.oc00.pentium4 This is the file that was created: F:\usr\lib\urpo.dll;54a881c9

installing the urpo-debug-20150101-9.oc00.pentium4.rpm did work.

Is there a problem with these packages or with my yum/rpm install? (It did work well doing the last update, which was poppler)

#103 fixed libc-devel 0.6.6 ansidecl.h conflicts with version in binutils-devel 2.21-1 Lewis Rosenthal

I needed to uninstall binutils-devel in order to upgrade libc-devel:

Transaction Check Error:

file /@unixroot/usr/include/ansidecl.h from install of binutils-devel-2.21-1.o

c00.i386 conflicts with file from package libc-devel-0.6.6-22.oc00.i386

Looks like we need to update binutils-devel (without getting to the libelf vs BFD thing).

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