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#94 wontfix rpm for different devtools Silvan Scherrer

We should create a rpm which includes different tool needed to develop. The ones I think of are:

Feel free to enhance this list.

#95 wontfix Allow to be installed on non-root directory martini

On the instructions and on the WarpIn? installer the user is told to install RPM/YUM on the root drive (C:\, X:\, etc).

My request is that the users can choose where to install the Linux Hierachy (FHS) on his hard drive. Like C:\Programs\ or any other place.

I had tried to move it by hand on an VM experiment and moving the structure is working fine.

Here it is some documentation:


#96 wontfix Running Python while VRXEDIT.EXE is running causes hang Alex Taylor

Any time the Python interpreter is run while the VX-REXX Designer (VRXEDIT) is open, the Workplace Shell locks up and becomes completely unresponsive.

The only way out is to either reboot, or to use a utility like CAD-Handler in conjunction with XF86SUP.SYS to issue a SIGKILL to force-kill either python.exe or vrxedit.exe; this latter option does not always work.

This problem is 100% reproducible for me on multiple systems.

On rare occasions I have seen what I suspect is a similar hang with other programs (not simply VRXEDIT) but these are not consistently reproducible. In any case I suggest that this be taken as a general Python problem and not a VX-REXX specific one.

(In case it is relevant, I would note that VX-REXX makes heavy use of SOM. I have also occasionally seen a similar hang with Python while running Lucide, which is also SOM-based; might this be a possible clue?)

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