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#145 invalid Can't checkout SVN anymore rudi

I don't know where to report this, but I cannot checkout / update the trunk sources anymore. SVN says:

svn: Server sent unexpected return value (413 Request Entity Too Large) in response to REPORT request for '/repos/qt4/!svn/vcc/default'

Any ideas ?

#148 invalid Assistant doesn't work anymore rudi

With the latest trunk, Assistant quit. The program just exists without showing even the slightest traces of a window. Just started a debug build. Maybe this will give some idea what might be wrong...

#150 wontfix MOC output on "No relevant classes found" rudi

This is a rather weird one, but I'm asking for your opinion on that...

When MOC processes a file without any "mocable" classes, it creates a zero-length output file. Unfortunately, if the target drive is on a NetWare? server, the timestamp of such a zero-length file is not updated (which is not MOC's fault). Anyway, as a result of that MAKE will re-invoke MOC for those classes - even though nothing has changed - and then cause the empty MOC result to be compiled. Due to this the target will be re-linked, which can be quiet time consuming.

A simple workaround for that problem is to always write something into the MOC result files. A carriage return would be sufficient, however I'm wondering why they don't put the standard "this is a MOC generated file blah blah" comment header in...

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