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#235 fixed Build process broken rudi

The changes r996 and r997 break the build process completely.

"mkdir-p.cmd" as well as "cd" don't get along well with quoted directory names and/or trailing backslashes.

#234 fixed QtCreator's qmlpuppet doesn't get installed rudi

The utility qmlpuppet doesn't have an install target (multi-platform bug). In my case this caused it to be missing when building a binary distribution package. This caused Qt Creator to hang when switching back and forth between text graphical editors (QmlDesigner?).

Dmik, could you please check what happens in our QProcess implementation when the required executable is missing ? To me it looked like something in the pipes mechanic blocked, making Qt Creator unkillable.

#233 fixed Wrong executable location for debug_and_release rudi

When rebuilding a project the uses debug_and_release (non-shadow), I noticed that the executable and *.SYM file ended up in the current (i.e. the source) directory. With previous versions (as well as on Windows), the executables are created in the debug and release subdirectories. The current makefile.xxxx section looks like this:

QMAKE_TARGET  = DoseControl
DESTDIR        =
TARGET         = DoseControl.exe
DESTDIR_TARGET = DoseControl.exe

while previous versions of QMake created:

QMAKE_TARGET  = DoseControl
DESTDIR        = release #avoid trailing-slash linebreak
TARGET         = DoseControl.exe
DESTDIR_TARGET = release\DoseControl.exe
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