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#98 fixed Fonts: codepage handling chennecke

Special characters in the text of, e.g., menus and dialogs is currently displayed wrongly. See screenshot. This not only applies to text displayed with Workplace Sans but also other fonts.

I guess the solution would be to either use Unicode fonts or implement a codepage conversion. Given the implications of the first, I'd prefer the latter solution.

#103 duplicate File open dialog accesses all drives upon opening chennecke

When the file open dialog is opened in an application, it accesses all drives including the floppy and DVD/CD ones even if the current path is not located there.

It would be great if this could be changed to access the drives only when required because:

  • This puts stress on the floppy drive which is usually empty these days and makes the DVD/CD drive spin up unnecessarily if a disc is located in the drive.
  • The dialog won't work until the TOC of all media has been read which can take quite some time for floppies and DVDs/CDs.
#104 wontfix Systray widget display problem chennecke

Once added to the XCenter, the extended systray widget is not visible at all if no application is loaded that uses it. It has a zero width. This is bad for two reasons:

  • There is not visual feedback that it has been added to the XCenter correctly.
  • It cannot be removed from the XCenter the standard way by right clicking on it and selecting "Remove widget", only via the XCenter properties notebook.
  • Setting possible properties would only possible via the XCenter properties notebook.

What about using a minimum width of one icon?

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