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GDI fullscreen support

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This is more of a question that could lead to an enhancement request. There are a couple of game console emulation applications I have been using for years under ODIN. Kega Fusion and ePSXe. They work very well using GDI softdraw plugins other than fullscreen mode either crashes the emulator or it defaults to 640x480 resolution in a window with the mouse cursor hidden. under SNAP I use the zoom feature to get around it. but under Panorama there is no fix. Both apps use ini files that I can edit the fullscreen resolution but still gets over ridden and defaults back to 640x480. Is there any configuration trick I am missing to tell Odin's GDI support what the proper matching full screen resolution should be? or report back to the application.

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Further info, If I set directdraw=1 in the odin.ini. Fullscreen mode attempts to work but the display output shifts to the lower left of the screen with about a 1/3 of the left and bottom off the screen. Black is displayed in the upper right side as if the screen alignment is off and needs to be moved up and right to get the whole image to fit in the fullscreen view correctly. Both emulators posses the same problem even though they use different product softdraw plugins for rendering.

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If it is not there... you might try adding this to odin.ini to see what happens:

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