Mar 23, 2016:

12:06 AM Ticket #275 (Save As... should be Save as... and should also have a hotkey ...) created by lewisr
The uppercase "As" is inconsistent with other multi-word menu choices …

Mar 22, 2016:

11:59 PM Ticket #274 (Once a document has been Saved As, don't prompt to save the document ...) created by lewisr
PDF form fill-in. Data populated in form. Document | Save As... New …
11:47 PM Ticket #273 (Better file save) created by lewisr
When filling in a PDF form, the only option is to Save As. Subsequent …
1:49 PM Ticket #272 (Enable ExceptQ support) created by lewisr
We should enable ExceptQ to make troubleshooting crashes easier.

Mar 21, 2016:

6:02 PM Ticket #271 (Create thumbnails in background) created by lewisr
Why should the user have to wait to view a document until after the …
5:58 PM Ticket #270 (Thumbnail creation very slow for larger and/or graphics-intensive PDF) created by lewisr
Creating a new thumbnail for a PDF document (especially with graphical …
5:43 PM Ticket #269 (Test file link collector) created by lewisr
This is a collector ticket for gathering links to useful test files.

Mar 16, 2016:

9:14 PM Changeset [520] by matthiasw
Various build conf changes for GCC 4.9.2 (incl Steven's patch), #266
4:04 AM Ticket #268 (Packaging requirements for 1.4.0) created by lewisr
Now that we are no longer using a static poppler, we have to determine …

Mar 15, 2016:

10:04 PM Ticket #266 (Utilize external libraries for plugins (e.g., poppler)) closed by matthiasw
fixed: Removed the poppler 0.20.3 library from trunk. Modified Makefiles to …

Mar 14, 2016:

3:13 PM Ticket #267 (Make thumbnails optional) created by lewisr
Not everyone wants or needs thumbnails. We should add an option in the …

Feb 12, 2016:

5:31 PM Ticket #266 (Utilize external libraries for plugins (e.g., poppler)) created by lewisr
We need to either replace the current plugin architecture or create a …

Jan 20, 2016:

12:10 AM Ticket #265 (Page content not always in sync with page indicators (lag when ...) created by lewisr
This is likely related to #121. the symptom is that when using the …

Jan 19, 2016:

5:13 AM Ticket #264 (Missing mnemonics in print dialog) created by lewisr
Print type area: Print to file - suggest "f" Page orientation: …

Dec 31, 2015:

8:43 AM Ticket #136 (out of memory) closed by lewisr

Dec 24, 2015:

9:01 PM Ticket #263 (Do not create thumbnail for encrypted PDF) created by lewisr
We should not create thumbnails for password-protected (encrypted) …
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