Feb 11, 2011:

3:03 AM kOptions edited by dryeo
Move -Zstack and -Zbin-files to supported section (diff)

Jan 6, 2011:

11:28 AM Ticket #237 (libc: _fullpath() changes current drive) created by dmik
I found that _fullpath() implicitly changes the current OS/2 drive …

Dec 18, 2010:

6:28 AM Ticket #236 (sys/socket.h: Use _ALIGN instead of ALIGN for CMSG_NXTHDR) created by komh
Hi/2. ALIGN is not defined due to _NO_NAMESPACE_POLLUTION. So …

Dec 15, 2010:

5:07 PM Ticket #235 (emxomfld should ignore /PACKDATA when linking with wlink.) closed by dryeo
invalid: Seems this defect has already been fixed in svn so attaching a build …

Dec 13, 2010:

12:16 AM Ticket #235 (emxomfld should ignore /PACKDATA when linking with wlink.) created by dryeo
When building Mozilla with set EMXOMFLD_TYPE=WLINK the build dies with …

Dec 8, 2010:

5:29 PM Ticket #234 (ld: Align .text by 16 bytes) created by komh
Hi/2. Current, ld aligns .data/.bss by 16 bytes for SSE, but .text by …

Dec 1, 2010:

3:16 PM Ticket #233 (getsockname() and getpeername() fail when using high memory) created by rudi
The functions getsockname() and getpeername() will fail, if the …

Nov 23, 2010:

12:11 PM Ticket #165 (libc: don't kill children when the parent exits) closed by bird
invalid: This was already fixed and delivered in a previous libc 0.6.x CSD.

Nov 22, 2010:

11:08 AM Ticket #201 (It is not possible to delete/rename open files) reopened by bird
1:54 AM Ticket #232 (Remove sys/mman.h) created by komh
Hi/2. libc has sys/mman.h, but it does not implement any functions …
1:49 AM Ticket #208 (Remark 'todo' stuffs in 'time.h') reopened by komh
Yes, so I did it. libc does not have implementations for those at all.

Nov 21, 2010:

11:20 PM Ticket #206 (the NDFS32 file system can handle EAs, at least with SMB plugin) closed by bird
wontfix: NDFS32 is a cameleon filesystem.
10:58 PM Ticket #29 (Seriously odd g++ error trying to include os2emx.h from os2.h) closed by bird
10:25 PM Ticket #208 (Remark 'todo' stuffs in 'time.h') closed by bird
wontfix: These are libc methods that have not been implemented yet. The …
10:12 PM Ticket #201 (It is not possible to delete/rename open files) closed by bird
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