Mar 20, 2010:

1:50 PM Ticket #221 (ld crashes when linking a very large .o file) created by komh
Hi/2. As a subject, ld crashes when linking a very large .o file such …

Mar 11, 2010:

3:25 AM Ticket #220 (emxomf: long names in libraries gets the wrong dict entry and barfs) created by dmik
~Recently I run into a situation when GCC 4.4.2 generated an N_EXP …

Mar 5, 2010:

12:07 AM Ticket #219 (wcscmp() and wcsncmp() are broken) created by dmik
wcscmp() and wcsncmp() assume that wchar_t is int while it seems to be …

Feb 22, 2010:

9:09 PM Ticket #218 (Endless loop in atexit.c after loading a DLL) created by dmik
Here is what happens: 1. An application declares a local static …
7:15 PM Ticket #217 (LIBC Error: Couldn't register process in shared memory!) created by dmik
This happens with the current trunk (064x) under the following …

Feb 13, 2010:

1:21 PM Ticket #216 (32Kb limit building .dll files) created by dmacias
In Harbour for OS/2 development ( www.harbour-project.org ) we face …
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