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32Kb limit building .dll files

Reported by: dmacias Owned by: bird
Priority: normal Milestone: libc-0.7
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In Harbour for OS/2 development ( ) we face from long time a problem using os2gcc compilers when we try to build some .dll files

Tracing I found an now famous 32 Kb limit:

Somewhere gcc is using 32 Kb limit for our case

gcc --> emxomfld.exe ( ld.exe )

( or is OS/2 limit ? :-) )

Below are first quick and clear Knut St. Osmundsen response

Thanks, David Macias

Yes, this is an OS/2 limitation. The usual workaround is to pass the arguments in a response file (emxomfld @filename.rsp). Without checking all the relevant code, I'm pretty sure that the compiler/linker driver (gcc) will not create a response file when invoking sub programs like as, ld or emxomfld. The easiest way to hack it into doing this would be to change pexecute() in libiberty/pexecute.c to create a response file for arguments exceeding, say, 24 KB.

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This has been fixed in gcc 4.4.6.

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