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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#259 klibc5 package binary utilities are not standard *NIX bird defect high binutils
#56 emxomfld doesn't properly allocate space for map file name bird defect normal libc-0.6.1 emx
#104 emximp: Processes aliased exports in the wrong way bird defect normal libc-0.6.2 emx
#189 emxomfar cannot build big libraries for Mozilla bird defect normal libc-0.6.4 emx
#235 emxomfld should ignore /PACKDATA when linking with wlink. bird defect normal libc-0.6.4 emx
#301 emxomf: type_size: cannot compute size for tag 4 defect normal libc-0.7 emx
#78 Possiibly gcc optimization bug bird defect normal gcc
#1 test ticket bird defect normal libc
#17 LIBC PANIC!! bird defect normal libc
#57 Dynamic libraries cannot be freed when sockets (at least) are used bird defect low libc-0.6.2 libc
#227 wcrtomb() broken bird defect normal libc-0.6.5 libc
#232 Remove sys/mman.h bird defect normal libc
#286 /@unixroot path rewrite inconsistencies task high libc
#289 Building with -fpack-struct=1 breaks struct stat defect normal libc-0.6.6 libc
#309 stat() for '\..' should fail defect normal libc-0.7 libc
#321 __attribute__((constructor/destructor)) and _DLL_InitTerm() defect normal libc-0.7 libc
#340 Mediatomb does not work after yum update (on netlabs-exp channel) defect normal new libc
#346 Do not include stdint.h in 386/builtin.h defect normal libc-0.7 libc
#369 ioctl( SIOCGIFCONF ) with TCPV40HDRS does not work defect normal new libc
#385 pthread_rwlock_unlock() blocks the thread. defect high libc
#224 chroot breaks /@unixroot rewrite bird defect normal libc-0.6.4 libc-backend
#238 Exception handler not working in forked child bird defect normal libc-0.6.4 libc-backend
#242 sbrk/_sbrk conflicting declarations bird defect highest libc-0.6.5 libc-frontend
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