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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#272 Add support for wide char printf (vswprintf and friends) accepted Yuri Dario enhancement highest libc-0.7
#355 fcntl lock API doesn't match POSIX new defect high new
#129 GCC: __attribute__((__system__)) loses its meaning after applying it to a static function of a class assigned bird defect normal libc-0.7
#191 bsdselect() screws up on SMP new bird defect normal libc-0.7
#218 Endless loop in atexit.c after loading a DLL assigned bird defect normal
#229 Add creation and access time fields to struct dirent new bird enhancement normal libc-0.7
#230 chmod() fails on HPFS386 in UnixEAs mode if the file is read-only assigned bird defect normal
#231 __libc_back_fsUnixAttribsGet() may leave dev and inode 0 on HPFS386 assigned bird defect normal
#252 emxomfld: understand SEGMENTS in .DEF accepted bird defect normal
#262 Forward LIBC sysctl calls for CTL_NET to __libsocket_sysctl new bird enhancement normal libc-0.7
#268 Double quotes break wildcard argument processing new bird defect normal libc-0.7
#274 Add EXCEPTQ support reopened enhancement normal libc-1.1
#291 Add ucontext_t (SA_SIGINFO) to sigaction new enhancement normal libc-0.7
#295 emxomf warning: Cycle detected by make_type. new defect normal
#339 dllar: rm -f is called in help mode new defect normal new
#342 spawn passes commands to shell as is instead of as a command new defect normal new
#343 exec deliberately escapes double quotes new defect normal new
#344 fcntl(F_DUPFD) sets wrong errno new defect normal libc-0.7
#352 GCC 4 barfs on _PFN definition in os2emx.h new defect normal new
#353 Provide poll implementation new enhancement normal new
#357 dll0.s calls ___libc_ForkRegisterModule on error new defect normal new
#359 Export _sys_set_errno / __libc_native2errno new enhancement normal new
#361 Broken log group selection new defect normal new
#362 Incorrect __KLIBC_ARG_MASK usage in __spawnve new defect normal new
#363 Global thread data in child is not reset after fork new defect normal new
#364 Support more OS/2 APIRET codes to convert to errno new defect normal new
#365 Correction to makefiles to make LIBC build under RPM toolchain new defect normal new
#366 No fork callback to safely use LIBC heap new defect normal new
#372 DosLoadModule kills fork new defect normal new
#373 open is not multiprocess-safe new defect normal new
#374 File streams are flushed too late at termination new defect normal new
#375 Add newer regex support new enhancement normal new
#376 emxomfld: Invalid WKEXT record new defect normal new
#377 Remove BSD defines from sys/param.h and types.h new defect normal new
#379 False "File name too long" new defect normal new
#384 DosAllocMemEx(OBJ_LOCATION) broken new defect normal new
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