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#376 emxomfld: Invalid WKEXT record new defect new emx
#377 Remove BSD defines from sys/param.h and types.h new defect new libc
#378 wmemcmp() fails to compare sub-string new defect new libc
#379 False "File name too long" new defect new libc
#380 wcwidth() returns wrong values in some cases new defect new libc
#381 fsResolveUnix path lengh limit check limits paths to 258 characters new defect new libc
#383 spawnvpe() fails to execute a script because of EACCES new defect new libc-backend
#384 DosAllocMemEx(OBJ_LOCATION) broken new defect new libc
#386 emxomfld(wlink): internalname is always used even if it is not defined new defect new libc
#74 libc: inode id & copy assigned bird defect libc-backend
#127 libc: header issues assigned bird defect libc
#156 emxomfld: wlink hll support assigned bird defect emx
#210 fcntl() reopened bird defect libc-backend
#215 EMX ead* functions aborts with corrupted EAS assigned bird defect libc-backend
#218 Endless loop in atexit.c after loading a DLL assigned bird defect libc
#230 chmod() fails on HPFS386 in UnixEAs mode if the file is read-only assigned bird defect libc-backend
#231 __libc_back_fsUnixAttribsGet() may leave dev and inode 0 on HPFS386 assigned bird defect libc-backend
#245 libc063 can deadlock in heap logic. assigned bird defect libc
#252 emxomfld: understand SEGMENTS in .DEF accepted bird defect emx
#295 emxomf warning: Cycle detected by make_type. new defect emx
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