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#139 stat() fails with errno=2 on RSJ attached file system new bird defect libc-0.7 libc-backend
#156 emxomfld: wlink hll support assigned bird defect emx
#161 nasm 0.98.xx new bird defect kNIX Bootstrap baselayout
#175 kNIX: Gentoo Portage assigned bird defect kNIX Bootstrap baselayout
#191 bsdselect() screws up on SMP new bird defect libc-0.7 libc-backend
#201 It is not possible to delete/rename open files assigned bird enhancement libc-0.7 libc-backend
#210 fcntl() reopened bird defect libc-backend
#214 getpass() new bird enhancement libc-0.7 libc
#215 EMX ead* functions aborts with corrupted EAS assigned bird defect libc-backend
#216 32Kb limit building .dll files assigned bird defect libc-0.7 gcc
#218 Endless loop in atexit.c after loading a DLL assigned bird defect libc
#225 getenv() access (read-only) variables also from .INI files new bird enhancement libc-0.7 libc-backend
#229 Add creation and access time fields to struct dirent new bird enhancement libc-0.7 libc-frontend
#230 chmod() fails on HPFS386 in UnixEAs mode if the file is read-only assigned bird defect libc-backend
#231 __libc_back_fsUnixAttribsGet() may leave dev and inode 0 on HPFS386 assigned bird defect libc-backend
#243 Some math functions are wrapped in __USE_GNU accepted bird defect libc-0.7 libc
#245 libc063 can deadlock in heap logic. assigned bird defect libc
#252 emxomfld: understand SEGMENTS in .DEF accepted bird defect emx
#262 Forward LIBC sysctl calls for CTL_NET to __libsocket_sysctl new bird enhancement libc-0.7 libc
#268 Double quotes break wildcard argument processing new bird defect libc-0.7 libc
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