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Component: emx (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#251 emxomf: option for suppressing symbol truncation messages bird defect normal emx 0.6
#293 emxomf - enhance to warn for out of range HLL debug index rather than die defect normal emx 0.6.5
#316 emxomfar crash if no arguments defect normal emx 0.6.5

Component: gcc (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#290 Program termination does not flush output buffers defect normal gcc 0.6.5
#319 the executable named after a option is created if -o is not specified defect normal gcc 0.6.5

Component: libc (21 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#273 fcntl() fails diver defect highest libc
#276 arithchk must be compiled with optimizer enabled defect highest libc 0.6.5
#280 include os2safe.h by default diver defect highest libc 0.6.5
#154 libc: _SC_ARG_MAX is significantly lower than ARG_MAX bird defect normal libc 0.6
#180 libc: spawnvpe adds default extention (.exe) preventing execution of scripts without extension bird defect normal libc 0.6
#220 emxomf: long names in libraries gets the wrong dict entry and barfs bird defect normal libc 0.6.5
#256 LIBC stream fmutex panic diver defect normal libc 0.6.4
#267 Make _abspath() use path rewrite feature bird defect normal libc 0.6.4
#270 opendir() and a too long path bird defect normal libc
#275 locale.h and unidef.h out of sync ydario defect normal libc 0.6.4
#279 Conflicting types for 'system' ydario defect normal libc 0.6.5
#281 enable swab() in unistd.h defect normal libc 0.6.5
#287 Prioritize SHELL over EMXSHELL bird defect normal libc 0.6.5
#288 rename() fails if dest file is r/o defect normal libc 0.6.5
#292 setlocale may not be SMP safe defect normal libc 0.6.5
#300 Make spawnvpe support extension-less executables defect normal libc 0.6.5
#312 FPU control word is altered at startup defect normal libc 0.6.5
#258 Correct some documentation typos in 0.6.x branch sources bird task low libc 0.6.4
#294 DosOpen is not high memory safe enhancement low libc 0.6.5
#282 Add DosDevIOCtl() to os2safe.h defect lowest libc 0.6.5
#285 Add env.var. for entering unix penthouse enhancement lowest libc 0.6.5

Component: libc-backend (8 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#204 chown/chgrp functions are only stubs, proposed fix ydario defect normal libc-backend 0.6.2
#213 stat() not reporting readonly status correctly ydario defect normal libc-backend
#263 After a very high number of fork/system/popen calls bird defect normal libc-backend
#264 dlopen does not expect NULL pszLibrary ydario defect normal libc-backend 0.6.4
#269 fopen() crash bird defect normal libc-backend
#283 stat() fails on /@unixroot bird defect normal libc-backend 0.6.5
#307 argv[0] of shell script interpreter defect normal libc-backend 0.6.5
#308 __spawnvpe() and interperter search defect normal libc-backend 0.6.5
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