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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#13 Use _stati64() and friends new enhancement major Enhanced
#18 Port new enhancement major Enhanced
#21 Provide SmartCard support ( package) new enhancement major Enhanced
#22 Test with TCK new task major Enhanced
#30 Enable DirectX support new defect major Enhanced
#32 Link to freetype.dll new enhancement major GA6
#38 Compile Windows resources new enhancement major Enhanced
#70 Depend on Liberation fonts new task major Next
#97 JVM exception reporter routine crashes new defect major Next
#117 DragText crashes Java apps in PMCTLS new enhancement major Enhanced
#118 SMP: mprotect-based membars don't work well new task major Next
#157 Port hotspot launcher new defect major Enhanced
#158 SmartGIT 3 doesn't support OS/2 new task Feedback Pending Next
#169 icedtea-web: Fix file locking new task major Next
#177 icedtea-web plugin stops working after reloading page new defect critical GA6
#225 Add EXCEPTQ support new enhancement major GA6
#230 IcedTea-Web: build version 1.5.1 new defect major Enhanced
#231 System.exit delayed new defect minor Enhanced
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