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Shutdown, ASUS computer restarts

Reported by: Thomas Owned by: warpcafe
Priority: major Milestone: Release version 3.15
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From: Thomas

Hi, I'm running RC6 (not rc6a!) and my ASUS machine is always rebooting when I run shutdown. The PC turns off just like it looks OK but once the last fan has stopped spinning, the whole machine restarts just like if I had pushed the power button. Any idea what acpi.psd switch I could try?

Please let me know what log/debug files you need to investigate or if there is something \"newer\" I can install

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What is the model of notebook/motherboard?

What are the setting in BIOS Setup related to wakeup?

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acpi log?

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Please download experimental ACPI build from Mensys site:

  • Experimental build for you:


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Hi, unfortunately some information from my post got lost when it was transferred to trac. "I have no eCS software subscription (for eCS 2.0)". Thus, I cannot access the files mentioned. In the meanwhile, I will try to collect additional information as requested, might take another couple of hours until I get access to the machine in question again.

Thus, leaving this ticket at "feedback pending" and assigned to me.

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Hi I'm back. Finally.

I'm attaching a zip file which contains the screenshots from the machines BIOS and the gpedevice.exe output. Other than that, I found out:

  • I'm having the latest BIOS revision from Asus that exists (there are only 2 :) )
  • Enable/Disable? "EHCI handoff" in BIOS does not make a difference
  • Running poweroff.exe from the acpi tools produces the same behaviour
  • I used to use the eWP shutdown with no animation (did not work)
  • I changed to use eStyler shutdown and it remains the same behaviour

Machine data:

  • Manufacturer: ASUS (
  • Model: P1-P5945GCX ("P" series: P1 Desktop Barebone, Booksize)
  • Board: P5L8L SE P-P59456SC
  • BIOS: AMI, "ACPI BIOS Rev. 0201"
  • CPU: 3,05GHz Intel Celeron D
  • RAM: 2,0 GB
  • Northbridge Chipset: Intel 945GC

I guess that machine really uses bad ACPI tables... not sure though. As I pointed out, I would be willing to try out the testcase driver... however I have no access to the betazone part since I don't have a subscription for eCS 2.0... would you mind sending the ZIP via private mail? (In case you are not allowed... OK, just tell me so I can try downgrading back to RC5 to see if that improves things somehow)

Cheers, thanks a lot for the support, Thomas

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use testbuild ACPI-APIC-BAT.ZIP pls. And repeat check poweroff.

comment:9 Changed 11 years ago by warpcafe

Hi pasha,

where can I download the file?? I can't access the betazone or subscription areas at Mensys.

Cheers, Thomas

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Thomas, you need to have a subscription to access the betazone. Do you have a subscription?

comment:12 Changed 11 years ago by warpcafe

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goodness gracious... I can't believe it. Am I talking chinese?? This is now the 4th time that I'll be telling

  • N O , I D O N O T H A V E T H A T S U B S C R I P T I O N *

It leaves me puzzled how that information I provided in the very first contact to eco on their support forms was succeedingly LOST when they copied the stuff to trac. This is really annoying. OK, nevertheless I will get myself a subscription, then the rc6a and let you know in about a month or so when I have the time to take care of that issue again.

Cheers Thomas

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fantastic success! Great Job pasha (and the rest of the team) I have installed a RC6a from scratch. In the beginning, the same results are observed:

  • eShutdown with APM: reboot
  • eShutdown with ACPI: reboot
  • eStyler shutdown: reboot

The I have installed ACPI-APIC-BAT.ZIP. Results:

  • eShutdown with APM: works!
  • eShutdown with ACPI: works!
  • eStyler shutdown: works!

( BTW: Animation for eShutdown is turned off... )

The only observation is a lot of debug/log outputs to stdout when booting. No problem for me though ;) Thanks a ton again. Feel free to ask me for additional tests or logs if required and that makes your work easier. Will now set ticket to resolved. ;)

Cheers, Thomas

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