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Research VPIC.SYS

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Priority: major Milestone: Release 4.00
Component: VPIC.SYS Version: 3.10
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why replace VPIC.SYS?

  • DOS support is critical for eComStation customers (we have discussed this at DWS2008)


  • step 1: try to compile it

Terms: 7 days (August 2008, the 4-th week)

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Pasha talks: 20080918

I see troubles:

  • the driver knows about 16 irqs only
  • it queries kernel devhelpers, not ACPI.PSD

comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by eco

The idea to rewrite VPIC.SYS appeared during DWS2008 (May 2008)

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eComStation is the best operating system to run DOS/Win-OS/2 applications. To improve the support of DOS in eComStation it's necessary improve VPIC.SYS driver.

Peter Brown:

I disagree.

DOSBox is a much better DOS for most of my DOS purposes - mainly a few old games *With* a choice of virtual soundcard.

I'm so impressed with it that I have not installed DOS/Win16 support in my current eCS2.0RC5 installation. Shame the eCS Installer mucks up and puts a few DOS lines in the config.sys and also partly populates the unneeded \os2\mdos directory. Nothing that cannot be deleted though :-)

No need of a vpic.sys driver either :-)

Maybe eCS should look at "adopting" DOSBox as an alternative to the mute DOS/Win16 support currently offered.

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This ticket will automatically close other ticket:

comment:5 Changed 12 years ago by losepete

Here is a silly question: What has the possible development of vpic.sys, apparently related to DOS support, to do with ticket #258 - which is about the fact that the /!NOD switch is required on some systems to enable them to boot successfully when using the /APIC switch?

Absolutely *nothing* seems to be the answer - especially on systems that do not have DOS support installed.

I suggest you revisit #258 rather than close it.

comment:6 Changed 12 years ago by ecsnl

The DOS support is needed for some applications of customers and integrating it in the install environment of eCS is also a problem. Fixing the VPIC.SYS is the best way.

To some degree I have seen Nvidia boxes on which DOS support with /APIC does not work. So i gues thats why Eugene typed it was related.

comment:7 Changed 12 years ago by pasha

Where is problem?

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Milestone: Release version 3.15Feedback pending

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Milestone: Feedback pendingeCS 2.x

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Milestone: eCS 2.xRelease Version 4.0.0
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