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I see ticket #61 is closed. Nothing I was told to try worked. I have tried EVERY combination of switch there is. 2.22 works fine with /acpi /smp /tmr , but no later version. Board is Asus A8N-E amd dual core. IDA, Adaptec 7870. Boot with Altf2 stops loading HPFS OR JFS whichever is first in config.sys. I am happy running 2.22 but wanted to let you know the problem still exist. Ticket #61 has photos and log files which may help. Ben

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Version: 3.033.05

In ticket #61 was saying "reopen if have problem".

What is "IDA"? And now you say, that you use Adaptec 7870. So you need use 3.5 with

psd=acpi.psd /SMP /APIC /!NOD /TMR for using SCSI driver. Or use REMAP directive in acpi.cfg

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by Chuck McKinnis

I am sorry - IDA should be IDE. The SCSI driver is not loaded before the crash loading ifs statements. As I said I have tried all these switches. 2.22 works OK and I was only trying to report bugs. I can make it crash in other places with other switches. but never boot. I will keep trying new versions, but will only report success. Thanks Ben

comment:3 Changed 13 years ago by pasha

you have SCSI adapter, so you have 2 way (if adapter using for boot)

  1. use REMAP directive in acpi.cfg for your SCSI adapter
  1. Boot with /SMP /!NOD

For your MB in any case need /APIC /ALS /TMR. Sorry I lost /ALS in previous answer. so if you don't use SCSI adapter for boot (scanner. ZIP or any non bootable device) use psd=acpi.psd /SMP /APIC /ALS /TMR

comment:4 Changed 12 years ago by eco

Please try ACPi 3.7

Follow recommendations:

comment:5 Changed 12 years ago by eco

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No feedback from user, so let's close the ticket.

  • try ACPI 3.9
  • SMP APIC + SCSI => follow the recommendations how to setup SCSI drivers, read the list of APIC-compatible drivers.
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