To build the beast (video2.exe and the various DLLs) you need these tools:

  • OS2-Tookit (included in eCS)
  • VA365 (only for Mozilla-Helper-DLL) (maybe another icc also works)
    (if you don't have icc or don't want/need to build npwv.dll comment out
       cd ..\np

from trunk\gui\makefile)

  • nmake.exe, implib.exe
    • You have to have it after os2 toolkit is installed

All the above packages have to be installed properly before you continue

If you want to build the plugins, you will also need

Now you have all you need (If I've forgotten something, let me know) Now you have to

fbakan@… Timestamp?

P.S. The RC.exe confirmed to work is
Version 4.00.010 Apr 26 1999 [88045 bytes, 30.06.99]
(Sorry, I don't remember where I got it)

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