As most of you probably noted, there was no update since long to this project. Due to the fact, that Warpvision was mostly a GUI to MPlayer, we looked for alternatives. We found SMplayer to be a good candidate to port, as it's QT based. We used the last QT 3 version of SMplayer and ported it over to OS/2; eCS. You can get the smplayer at netlabs ftp.

WarpVision? GUI is powerful video/audio player for the OS/2 operating system. It also supports eComStation 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and higher


  • video codecs: mpeg1/2, avi, asf, mov, mp3 audio, wav, real media, ogg, ogm
  • audio codecs: pcm, mp2/3, ac3, wma1, wma2, ms adpcm, mp4
  • video out: DIVE, SNAP overlay, WarpOverlay? support
  • fullscreen and windowed mode
  • aspect ratio on and off in windowed mode
  • skin support
  • playlist support
  • plays last played file (from stop place)
  • CDDA/VCD/DVD support (w/o DVD menus at this time)
  • DVD subtitles support
  • Plain text subtitles support
  • OSD support (On Screen Display)
  • reading and writing playlists in WinAmp? format
  • drag'n'drop to playlist and control window (files and directories)
  • play loop for files and lists
  • multichannel audio support (via UNIAUD API)
  • PNG support for skins (thanks to Igor Saveliev aka gorynych)
  • pipe interface for player controlling
  • Remote control support (Using Remote control daemon from TVSHOW project)
  • Single copy running: when WV is already running, the second instance of WV just exits. If the second WV has a file name as parameter, WV will pass it to the first copy, which starts to play it immedeately
  • Video snapshots

new versions

  1. June 2007 at hobbes
  2. June 2007 at hobbes
  3. June 2007 at hobbes
  4. June 2007 at hobbes


Building WarpVision?

Build HowTo for WarpVision (thanks to Vlad and Adrian for making this possible)

Below you find a zip-package with the instructions and cmds

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