"Tagesschau" can be viewed with WarpVision? in a number of ways:

  • by downloading the stream and watching when the file is fully downloaded
  • by streaming the video directly from the "Tagesschau" server with WarpVision?
  • by using the browser plugin


Downloading the Stream and Watching


Streaming directly from the "Tagesschau" Server with WarpVision?

  • navigate to the "Tagesschau" homepage and select the date and time you want to watch
  • select "Windows Media" "Breitband" and "externer Player" then hit "Video starten"
  • the browser will open (or prompt you for a download location) the file "redirect.lsc"
  • this file contains the actual URL of the "mms" Stream
    • example: <Ref href = "mms://" />
  • start "video2.exe" with the stream URL as parameter
    • example: video2.exe mms://
  • below is a screen shot of how it should look
    • please note that for taking the screen shot I used "Dive" as the "preferred video plugin"
    • when using "WarpOverlay?" as the video plugin, the quality is a lot better (but you cannot take screen shots :-) )

Using the Browser Plugin


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