Icon Engine

This new icon engine which is new with V0.6.0 of WPS-Wizard allows the use of PNG image files for icons. Unique features of this engine are:

  • True alpha blending and transparency
  • Seamless integration into the WPS including drag and drop icon assignment and icon editing from the objects icon page
  • No patching of system files
  • Icon creation by specifying drawing commands which are performed on the fly using the Cairo graphics library
    • Overlay of image files with true alpha blending
    • Line, arc, rectangle, ... drawing with true alpha blending
    • Text drawing (with, yes, alpha blending)
    • Font control
    • Rotation and translating while drawing
    • ...
  • Drawing commands are simple text commands in a control file. No recompilation necessary.
  • Arbitrary icon size up to 200x200
  • Icon size settable for each folder
  • Works with all major WPS enhancers (XWP, EWP, BubblePad,...)
  • It's free

Icon Themes

Icon themes can be found here:

Theme screenshots can be found on the Screenshots page.

Drawing Commands for Icons

An explanation of supported drawing commands can be found on the Drawing Commands page.

Icon creation tutorial

A tutorial about how to create icons can be found here.

Questions and answers

Got to this page.


source:/images/desktop-noia-blue.jpg (Desktop, 1280x1024) source:/images/desktop-noia-warm.jpg (Desktop, 1280x1024)

source:/images/png-iconeditor-test2.jpg (Icon editor, 1280x1024) source:/images/cairo-gadget.jpg (Cairo gadget, 635x568)

More screenshots can be found on the Screenshot page.

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