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Why don't you use WarpIn for installation?

WarpIn lacks features I need for successful installation (as I was told by someone who knows WarpIn better than me).

Please add a disable option for <insert feature>.

Short answer: No I won't.

Long answer:

WPS-wizard is a "take it or leave" it product. It works this way for probably 90% of users. In the past I used to add a gazillion options to my stuff. The result was a gazillion of mails from users confused by the options or the not so obvious effects of disabling some stuff. Disabling something doesn't necessarily mean that some code isn't called anymore and a problem magically disappears. Things are usually way more complicated.

Icon Engine

What are the coordinates of the drawing surface corners?

  • Upper left: 0.0 0.0
  • Upper right: 1.0 0.0
  • Lower left: 0.0 1.0
  • Lower right: 1.0 1.0

Note that you may scale a surface and then the values may be greater or less depending on your scaling factor. Note also that it's possible to position an image at negative coordinates, too. The image may be cut then because parts are outside of the current drawing surface.

My WPS seems to be slower when using the PNG icons

Yes, that's a tradeoff you have to pay. The PNG icons used by the engine are 24 bit True Color icons (more than 16 million colors) with transparency and translucency. The standard eCS icons in contrast are only 16 color icons without any alpha blending. This means the icon engine has to handle more graphics data and in addition has to do alpha blended blitting to the screen which sadly is not hardware accelerated. But I think the result is worth the effort ;-).

I don't like your icon themes.

Get icons from, or deviantART and create your own.

Will you integrate the icon engine into XWP?


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