ToDo? list for Triton

This is a list of things to be done for Triton. It's not ordered by any means, just a heap of ideas and tasks quickly collected together and organized into classes, so they won't be forgotten.


  • Test what happens if a zero length buffer is given into the AudMix? system. It should simply skip that buffer and go for the next one, flawlessly.
  • Implement reverse playback
  • Remove restriction of source audio format (handle non-16bits-44KHz-stereo)
  • Remove restriction of destination audio format
  • Use MMX/SSE/etc. instructions for saturation and at other places to speed up the mixer.


  • Add structure packing/alignment info into public header files
  • Create documentation, containing:
    • How to compile the project
    • General system overview
    • Documentation for application programmers (Using MMIO)
    • Documentation for plugin developers (Extending MMIO)
  • Create OGG Vorbis plugins (OGG demuxer and Vorbis decoder)
  • Create a video decoder plugin (Possibly DivX first?)
  • Create a video output plugin (once we have a video decoder :) )
  • Make FileHandler? plugin large-file aware
  • Test the libavcodec-based plugin, what happens if it's loaded twice in a process. It has static allocated arrays, make sure they are free'd when needed, but only then, not sooner.
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