Welcome to Triton

Triton is the name of the multimedia subsystem being developed for Voyager. It is designed to be a modular and easily extendable, plugin-based system.

About Triton

Triton itself is not a multimedia player. It is a well-defined subsystem, which contains a core library to provide an easy-to-use API for the application developers to visualize and control multimedia contents, and an easy-to-use API for the plugin developers to be able to extend the system with support of new multimedia formats.

However, the Triton API was designed to be as simple and easy as possible, so that it can be used anywhere. Writing a multimedia player based on it is very easy, and Triton itself even has some sample applications for it.

The Future

While Triton itself is only for playback of multimedia contents right now, it's planned that the system will be extended to be able to record them too, so that it will be possible to create such contents with Triton, or to transcode between different supported formats.

Starting Points

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