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Trap with UNIAUD

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Its an Athlon 64 based system, output of PCI scan

V:1002 D:5950 S:81941043 B:0 E:00 F:0 I:00 N:- C:06 U:00 P:00 R:01 V:1002 D:5A3F S:00000000 B:0 E:01 F:0 I:00 N:- C:06 U:04 P:00 R:00 V:1002 D:5A39 S:00000000 B:0 E:07 F:0 I:00 N:- C:06 U:04 P:00 R:00 V:1022 D:1100 S:00000000 B:0 E:24 F:0 I:00 N:- C:06 U:00 P:00 R:00 V:1022 D:1101 S:00000000 B:0 E:24 F:1 I:00 N:- C:06 U:00 P:00 R:00 V:1022 D:1102 S:00000000 B:0 E:24 F:2 I:00 N:- C:06 U:00 P:00 R:00 V:1022 D:1103 S:00000000 B:0 E:24 F:3 I:00 N:- C:06 U:00 P:00 R:00 V:10B9 D:5249 S:00000000 B:0 E:25 F:0 I:00 N:- C:06 U:04 P:00 R:00 V:10B9 D:5237 S:81561043 B:0 E:28 F:0 I:11 N:A C:0C U:03 P:10 R:03 V:10B9 D:5237 S:81561043 B:0 E:28 F:1 I:11 N:B C:0C U:03 P:10 R:03 V:10B9 D:5237 S:81561043 B:0 E:28 F:2 I:03 N:C C:0C U:03 P:10 R:03 V:10B9 D:5239 S:81561043 B:0 E:28 F:3 I:10 N:D C:0C U:03 P:20 R:01 V:10B9 D:5455 S:81951043 B:0 E:29 F:0 I:11 N:A C:04 U:01 P:00 R:20 V:10B9 D:1573 S:81561043 B:0 E:30 F:0 I:00 N:- C:06 U:01 P:00 R:31 V:10B9 D:7101 S:81561043 B:0 E:30 F:1 I:00 N:- C:06 U:80 P:00 R:00 V:10B9 D:5229 S:81561043 B:0 E:31 F:0 I:00 N:- C:01 U:01 P:FA R:C7 V:10B9 D:5287 S:81561043 B:0 E:31 F:1 I:11 N:A C:01 U:04 P:00 R:02 V:1002 D:5954 S:81941043 B:1 E:05 F:0 I:11 N:A C:03 U:00 P:00 R:00 V:11AB D:4362 S:81421043 B:2 E:00 F:0 I:03 N:A C:02 U:00 P:00 R:19 V:1106 D:3044 S:808A1043 B:3 E:19 F:0 I:11 N:A C:0C U:00 P:10 R:80

Its this chipset:

According to: M5455 PCI AC-Link Controller Audio Device

10b9:5455 intel8x0

The trap I get with the UNIAUD from the

##0168:fff1da1f - 000e:ca1f , 0786090f 9084 9084 \SEM\▀¤ Exception in module: UNIAUD32 TRAP 000e ERRCD=0000 ERACC= ERLIM= EAX=00000000 EBX=ef25843c ECX=00000000 EDX=ef253064 ESI=ef2b6600 EDI=ef258540 EBP=ef253238 FLG=00213282 CS:EIP=0168:ef329ca3 CSACC=c09b CSLIM=ffffffff SS:ESP=1550:f9e8f85e SSACC=c093 SSLIM=ffffffff DS=0160 DSACC=c0f3 DSLIM=ffffffff CR0=8001001b ES=0160 ESACC=c0f3 ESLIM=ffffffff CR2=00000018 FS=0a28 FSACC=10f1 FSLIM=00000071 GS=3be8 GSACC=00f3 GSLIM=00000482

The system detected an internal processing erro at location ## 0168:fff1da1f - 000e:ca1f

60000, 9084

0786090f Internal revision 14.103a_W4

bla bla

bldlevel of the driver:

Build Level Display Facility Version 6.12.675 Sep 25 2001 (C) Copyright IBM Corporation 1993-2001 Signature: @#NETLABS:1.1#@##1## 12.06.2006 22:24:30 VLAD::::4::@@OS/2 Universal Audio Driver (KEE) Vendor: NETLABS Revision: 1.01 Date/Time?: 12.06.2006 22:24:30 Build Machine: VLAD File Version: 1.1.4 Description: OS/2 Universal Audio Driver (KEE)

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