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TRAP 8 on loading uniaud32.sys

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Priority: highest Milestone: ALSA Hardware Compatibility
Component: UNIAUD32 Version: 1.9.26
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Asus A8N-E mainboard, nVidia nForce4/CK804 chipset

OS: eCS2.1

Uniaud build: Using Uniaud supplied with eCS2.1 (Uniaud195-1926)

System works fine after installation, sound is working with the eCS2.1 supplied uniaud drivers.


I needed to change the mouse from the PS/2 mouse in use to a USB mouse while the system was powered off - ie I did not add the necessary drivers to config.sys before changing the mouse.

On booting the system stops with a TRAP 8; last driver loaded is the uniaud32.sys.

I switched off the pc, removed the USB mouse and restarted the computer but still got the TRAP 8. Not the fault of the mouse then...

I restarted the computer and used the BIOS to Disable the onboard audio.

The system now boots fine - but, obviously, without sound.

I added the drivers required to get the USB mouse working and rebooted. The USB mouse works fine.

I then rebooted and used the BIOS to Enable onboard audio. The system stops with a TRAP 8 with uniaud32.sys being the last driver loaded. Restarting the system and Disabling the onboard audio in the BIOS lets the system boot fine.

Suspecting a hardware fault I rebooted, Enabled onboard audio in the BIOS and then booted into my WindowsXP installation. WinXP Audio works fine which seems to indicate the problem is not with the hardware.

As audio was working with eCS2.1 prior to changing the mouse does anyone have any idea how changing the mouse type - but not installing any drivers - can cause eCS2.1 to deliver a TRAP 8 which is definitely audio hardware/ uniaud related? I ask because this is the only change to have happened to a working system.

I have tried Uniaud195-1924 but this also has the TRAP 8 problem.

Also of possible interest: When this TRAP 8 happens the screen does *not* get cleared first. The TRAP 8 display simply overwrites existing screen messages (uniaud driver messages). Pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del clears the screen and shows the TRAP 8 display at the top of the screen but the display contains lots of "goobledegook" which I guess is text representation of machine code. I mention this because this is the first time I've seen a TRAP screen that was not clear to read and wonder if it could provide an indication of the cause of the problem.

As I know that the Uniaud114RC6 build of uniaud should work fine with this hardware I installed the files from this build.

Result: System boots fine, audio works OK.

Conclusion: The Uniaud195-1924/Uniaud195-1926 builds are not quite right for this hardware - although the Uniaud195-1926 build seemed to be working fine prior to the mouse change mentioned above...

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