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#50 Rework make clean target to really clean Brendan Oakley task highest 1.1.4RC6 normal
#129 Compile requires OpenWatcom > 1.6 defect highest 1.1.4RC6 blocker
#130 Build instructions are out of date Brendan Oakley defect highest 1.1.4RC6 blocker
#131 ACPI toolkit information defect highest 1.1.4RC6 critical
#52 Some build setups generate a Uniaud32.sys which fails to produce sound on some hardware. Brendan Oakley defect normal blocker
#58 wat2map.cmd fails with Object REXX defect normal 1.1.4 normal
#76 update readme file enhancement normal 1.1.4RC5 normal
#133 Uniaud32 generates compile warnings defect normal 1.1.4RC6 minor
#137 Uniaud32 Makefile improvements from Mike Brendan Oakley task normal 1.1.4 minor
#158 Package target enhancement normal 1.1.4RC6 normal
#43 subversion repository contains build products Brendan Oakley task low normal
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