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Samba for OS/2 and OS/2-based systems

Samba is a free implementation of the CIFS/SMB protocol for Unix, which allows LAN-Server style file and printer sharing among machines running Windows, Mac OS, Unix or OS/2 and OS/2-based systems. The goal of this project is to port the Samba server and create Samba clients for OS/2 and OS/2-based systems in order to replace the functionality of the outdated IBM-LAN-Requester/Peer/Server components.

Please, consider the pages of this wiki to be your online documentation for Samba for OS/2 and OS/2-based systems!

Official Releases

In the tables below the latest GA (General Availability, stable) release is always marked as Bold
As soon as a newer version is available the older one is removed. So in the below tables are only the latest versions. If you need any older version take a look at the history page.

Additional software prerequisites

It is strongly recommended to install using rpm/yum or ANPM.

The REXX libraries have to be installed using the subseqent package. These are not (yet) available for rpm/yum.

REXX libraries 1.1.3WPISeveral REXX libraries required for running the Samba GUI Tools, please, uninstall any older revision of this package!

The Samba Installer has a menu item and installation option to fetch additional libaries using rpm/yum. In case you want to make sure you have all libaries installed before running the Samba installer paste the following lines into your command line:

yum install libc libcx libgcc1 cups-libs popt-libs gettext-libs zlib readline


Samba folder im ArcaOS style The OS/2 and OS/2-based systems server port is very fast and stable, and although still incomplete, very usable for daily work. It can be used to perform the following tasks:

  • share files among OS/2 and OS/2-based systems, Windows, Mac OS and Unix machines, including extended attribute support.
  • share printers among OS/2 and OS/2-based systems, Windows, Mac OS and Unix machines.

Samba 3.6.25 based release

Release dateStateComponentVersionBased uponPackageDescription
18th May 2017GA RefreshServer1.3.0Samba 3.6.25WPIInstallation package

Older Samba releases

NOTE: The Samba 3.0.xx, 3.3.xx and 3.5.xx code is neither supported, nor maintained anymore!
If you need a old 3.5.xx version look here

Quick access to all server files


The OS/2 and OS/2-based systems clients can be used to perform the following tasks:

  • access shared files on servers running Samba (OS/2 and OS/2-based systems, Unix) or Windows (Server or Workstation; NT 4 or better), including extended attribute support.
  • print on printer servers that provide SMB/CIFS services.

Quick access to all client files

Samba part

NetDrive for OS/2 and OS/2-based systems or EVFS (eComStation Virtual Filesystem for SMB) is required to be installed.

  • NetDrive is a virtual filesystem driver, which is extensible with plugins for various filesystems. We provide a NetDrive plugin for Samba access.
  • EVFS (eComStation Virtual Filesystem for SMB) is installed by default on eComstation version 2.0 GA or better (It was included in some eCS 2.0 RC as well). EVFS also makes use of the NetDrive plugin for Samba access.
  • Try to avoid to install both, as this will for sure confuse one or the other. If you need other NetDrive plugins, we recommend to deinstall EVFS.
Release dateStateComponentVersionBased uponPackageDescription
03rd October 2013GA (Refresh)Plugin2.1.5Samba 3.3.16ZIPRequired to access shared files, dir caching, 3.3.x based
03rd October 2013GA (Refresh)Plugin2.1.5Samba 3.3.16WPIRequired to access shared files, dir caching, 3.3.x based
26th February 2014Beta4Plugin2.2.0Samba 3.5.21ZIPRequired to access shared files, 3.5.x based
26th February 2014Beta4Plugin2.2.0Samba 3.5.21WPIRequired to access shared files, 3.5.x based

NOTE: The Samba 3.0.xx code is neither supported, nor maintained anymore!

Client Tools and GUI

Release dateStateComponentVersionBased uponPackageDescription
14th. December 2014RC7EVFSGUI2.5.0Plugin 2.1.xZIPSetup and manage connections, new version, several tickets fixed, RC7
06th. April 2012GAEVFSGUI2.1.3Plugin 2.x.xZIPSetup and manage connections, bugfix release
13th. June 2011GAEVFSGUI2.1.2Plugin 2.x.xWPISetup and manage connections
02nd Sept 2013GACommandline utilities1.1.4Samba 3.3.16ZIPRequired by EVFSGUI Ver. 2.x, supports time sync
7th April 2013BetaCommandline utilities1.2.beta10Samba 3.5.19ZIPRequired by EVFSGUI Ver. 2.x
28th Nov 2014BetaCommandline utilities1.3.beta1Samba 3.6.23ZIPRequired by EVFSGUI Ver. 2.x
11th. July 2011GA (Refresh)Port driver 1.0.1Samba 3.3.15ZIPRequired to print to shared printers or CIFS/SMB based printer servers
23.04.2013-RPM base DLLsZIPSeveral DLLs from the rpm/yum package used by recent Samba builds

Note: EVFSGUI also can be used together with NetDrive in order to manage SMB/CIFS connections. This makes sense, as EVFSGUI provides functionality for SMB/CIFS connections not found in the NetDrive GUI. For other connection types you will however still need the NetDrive GUI.

Updating eComstation with EVFS

In order to update eComStation with an installed EVFS, you will need the following packages:

  • from the section "Samba part" a plugin package plus
  • from the section "Client Tools and GUI" an EVFSGUI package plus
  • from the section "Client Tools and GUI" a Commandline utilities package

In case you prefer WPI:

Note: The Samba Client WPI that comes with eComStation 2.0 GA is on 2.0.4 level. Note: The Samba Client WPI that comes with eComStation 2.1 GA is on 2.1.0 level.

Interim Releases

Herwig Bauernfeind sometimes provides interim releases and test builds of Samba server, clients, GUI tools and scripts on his download page.
Herwigs own Samba page is not maintained anymore, but still can be found here.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here is our ever growing collection of useful Samba for OS/2 and OS/2-based systems Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

More Information

Reporting Bugs

Reporting bugs and requesting new features is done through the ticket system. You can view existing tickets, add comments to them and create new tickets using the corresponding buttons at the top of every page. If you want to submit a new bug or request a feature, please use the Search function first to make sure there is no ticket for this task already created.
We review the tickets regularly and leave comments if we need more info. So please revisit the Feedback analysis as often as possible. If we leave comment and don't get feedback from the ticket creator, we will close the ticket after some weeks.

Anonymous access to the ticket system has been restricted due to multiple attacks of stupid spammers we've been suffering from during the last month. In order to create a new ticket or comment the existing one, you need to login with your Netlabs login id. If you do not have a login id, you can request one at We are sorry for the inconvenience, but at the present time, this is the only way to avoid extremely annoying spam.



  • Silvan Scherrer (aka diver), current core code maintenance, recent core fixes and additions
  • Herwig Bauernfeind (aka HerwigB), testing, maintenance of Samba Server and Client GUI (EVFSGUI 2.x) tools, scripts and WPI installation packages
  • Dmitriy Kuminov (aka dmik), provides tdb fixes among others
  • Vitali Pelenyov (aka sunlover), provides Samba Client caching
  • Paul Smedley (aka Smedles), provided historic Samba 3.0.24 port, groundwork for current port
  • Yuri Dario (aka Paperino), provided workable locking code and other important fixes
  • Alex Taylor (aka AlexT), provided historic EVFSGUI 1.x, fixes for 2.x
  • Nikolay Kolosov (aka nickk), provided historic Samba 3.0.9 port
  • and all we missed

Thanks for testing!


  • coming soon

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