wiki:Currently tested clients:

Clients tested with the Samba Server for eComStation & OS/2

The following clients have been successfully tested with the Samba Server builds for eCS (OS/2) and are known to be working:

  • Windows 7 Professional
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP Professional (natively and from within a VPC/2 guest)
  • Windows XP Home
  • Windows 2000 (natively and from within Svista and VPC/2 guests)
  • Windows NT 4.0
  • IBM LAN Requester (as shipped with OS/2 Warp 4 and eComStation 1.x)
  • Netdrive 3.0.x with Samba Client plugin
  • eComStation 2.x with eVFS
  • Mandrake Linux 2006
  • MacOS X Version 10.5.1
  • Mediagate MG-35 Media Player

Note: Samba Server builds older than 2007-02-26 had problems with Extended Attributes (EAs), both with clients connected with IBM LAN Requester and with clients connected with the older Samba 3.0.9 plugins for Netdrive.

Note: The Samba Client Plugin for Netdrive (and eVFS) in general is slower than the IBM LAN Requester.

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