Mar 22, 2013:

7:50 AM FAQ edited by stevenhl
Correct typo (diff)

Mar 19, 2013:

10:55 AM Changeset [760] by herwigb
GUI-Tools: EVFSGUI 2.5 fix resizing bug (minimum size too small)

Mar 15, 2013:

4:58 PM Ticket #215 (Samba 3.5.x smbd and nmbd both trash tdb files after some time) created by herwigb
Symptoms: 3.5.19 nmbd stops working after some arbitrary time. For …

Mar 7, 2013:

1:18 PM Ticket #213 (Error installing Samba on WSEB) closed by diver
wontfix: to install on pre eCS versions you need either to install xwp first, …

Mar 4, 2013:

12:17 AM Ticket #214 (Cannot get client to work) created by REXX
I have server and client installed on two (2) eCS machines, NETBios …
12:08 AM Ticket #213 (Error installing Samba on WSEB) created by tonyval
Installing samba-1-1-2.wpi on WSEB. Install progresses well but ends …

Feb 20, 2013:

6:34 PM Ticket #212 (wiki links to older version of plugin) closed by diver
fixed: done
6:34 PM WikiStart edited by diver
fixed a link (diff)
5:08 PM Ticket #212 (wiki links to older version of plugin) created by stevenhl
WikiStart#UpdatingeComstationwithEVFS recommend installing …

Feb 17, 2013:

5:01 PM Ticket #211 (Weird GUI error) closed by herwigb
wontfix: This is a well known error in the code 2.1.x browsing code. As there …
4:58 PM Ticket #210 (Customer reported defect Samba GUI included in eCS 2.2 beta) closed by herwigb
4:56 PM Ticket #178 (Name resolution with the Samba Client) closed by herwigb
fixed: EVFSGUI 2.5 is able to address this problem (also for Netdrive).
4:40 PM WikiStart edited by herwigb
EVFSGUI 2.5 (diff)
4:34 PM Changeset [759] by herwigb
GUI-Tools: EVFSGUI 2.5 final stuff (including helpfiles EN and DE)

Feb 16, 2013:

2:45 PM Ticket #167 (Files remain locked locally on the OS/2 server) closed by diver
invalid: it seems this was invalid, so closing it.
2:44 PM Ticket #191 (Regression: First operation across a WLAN-Bridge fails with 3.3 based ...) closed by diver
wontfix: ok closing it, as no new data sent.
2:41 PM Ticket #201 (evfs client Incomplete directory listing) closed by diver
wontfix: it seems reporter lost interest so closing it.
2:34 PM Ticket #209 (DOS.USERATTRIB is written wrongly in Samba 3.5.19) closed by diver
invalid: i consider this not as a bug. if you still think it is one please …

Feb 12, 2013:

4:37 PM Ticket #211 (Weird GUI error) created by ecsnl
[…] I was able to plug my laptop into a network with a Windows …
3:24 PM Ticket #210 (Customer reported defect Samba GUI included in eCS 2.2 beta) created by ecsnl
The versions we include are the following: […] The customer …

Jan 24, 2013:

2:25 AM Changeset [758] by ataylor
Auto-port numbers now generated in base 10 instead of base 4. …

Jan 19, 2013:

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correct typo (diff)
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