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#15 Hidden, system, readonly attributes do not work as expected on OS/2 new Silvan Scherrer blocker Samba Server for eCS (OS/2) 1.3.x Samba Server
#315 Samba client and server on AcaOS 5.0.0 do not talk to each other new blocker Unknown
#279 Saving a file with MED editor on an SMB2+ share causes the file size to be set to 0 assigned Paul Smedley critical Samba Client
#313 Directory listings over SMB2+ do not report all files new Paul Smedley critical Samba Client Plugin
#246 SPM dump with libc 0.6.6 new major Samba Server Core
#253 Timeout too long for non esisting servers new major Samba Client 2.3.x Samba Client
#316 Kerberos5 support encryption support and NTLMvl1 support checkbox defaults and behavior incorrect new major GUI Tools 1.0.0 Samba Client GUI
#318 Samba server installed by ArcaOS corrupts print file rendering printout useless. assigned Silvan Scherrer major Samba Server
#270 Need to bypass initial connection test when mapping a Kerberos-authenticated share new minor Samba Client Plugin
#283 PDC mode does not work new minor Samba Server
#284 Server struggling with unix userrights new minor Samba Server
#317 Inconsistent handling of advanced mount options between New Resource tab and Network Neighborhood tab new minor GUI Tools 1.0.0 Samba Client GUI
#321 Mouting directort with many files in it renders OS/2 system useless accepted Paul Smedley minor Unknown
#322 Test client build 4.7.7 creates erroneous directory and file entries assigned Paul Smedley minor Samba Client Command line utilities
#302 smbusers: English strings overrun buttons on Groups tab new trivial Samba Server GUI Tools
#228 Error copying over file on server. accepted Silvan Scherrer Feedback Pending Samba Client 2.3.x Samba Client
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