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#217 fixed Ncftp v3.2.6 Bookmarks Silvan Scherrer Tellie

Bookmarks is not working atm

#218 fixed Ncftp v3.2.6 Case sensitivity. Silvan Scherrer Tellie

Case sensitivity. Here's an example:

ncftp /eCoRT/Base > cd ../

Base Net Toolkit Win WPS

ncftp /eCoRT/Base > cd ../net Could not chdir to ../net: server said: net: No such file or directory ncftp /eCoRT > cd

Here's how I got to the above parent directory "by accident" -

  1. Started in /eCoRT, where my bookmark takes me.
  2. cd Base (specified uppercase, because just typing "bas" and hitting <Tab> does not work - need an uppercase "B").
  3. downloaded my files (no problem).
  4. cd ../ <Tab>
  5. listing is shown
  6. cd ../net (lower case "n") <Enter>
  7. error message displayed, but as the first part of the path was valid (..), I ended up one level higher.
#220 fixed Provide virtual WPI to satisfy dependencies (uclip) Silvan Scherrer Lewis Rosenthal

As discussed, uclip is currently available as WPI and as RPM. Installing as RPM does not satisfy dependencies of other applications which check the WarpIN database.

Ideally, upon installing such a package via RPM, the WarpIN database will be updated to reflect the presence of the package on the system, without the user needing to install both RPM and WPI (and thereby increasing the risk of conflicts).

This ticket references uclip as that seems like a good place to start. kLIBC itself would be another critical component for this treatment.

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