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#340 fixed os2-base insists upon modifying C:\CONFIG.SYS rather than os2_boot_drive CONFIG.SYS Silvan Scherrer Lewis Rosenthal

This is not a failure of getbootdrive.exe (as I originally thought). After reading ticket #339 and updating os2-rpm to 1-9, I can still reproduce the failure of the os2-base package to edit the correct CONFIG.SYS.


C:\CONFIG.SYS exists, but does not have any SHELL= statements in it.

U: is the current boot volume.

Reinstall, downgrade, or update os2-base on U:, and C:\CONFIG.SYS is edited to insert:

SET SHELL=U:/usr/bin/sh.exe SET EMXSHELL=U:/usr/bin/sh.exe SET CONFIG_SHELL=U:/usr/bin/sh.exe SET MAKESHELL=U:/usr/bin/sh.exe SET EXECSHELL=U:/usr/bin/sh.exe

U:\CONFIG.SYS is untouched (if entries are manually removed before reinstall/update, they are not added).

As getbootdrive.exe does return the correct drive, I'm not sure where else the os2_boot_drive or os2_config_sys macros could be failing. While this ticket is opened against os2-base, clearly the problem lies in an rpm macro which can potentially impact a number of other packages.

#339 fixed rpm: Is the '%os2_boot_drive' macro broken ? rousseau

See the attached screenshot what I get with: rpm --eval %os2_boot_drive This is on ArcaOS v5.0.4

#338 fixed Get an error when tryin to instll Libc and sq lite Gene

I get this error.... ERROR with transaction check vs depsolve:klusrmgr >= 1.2.2 is needed by libc-1:0.1.2-1.oc00.i686Please report this error at

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