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#137 fixed rpm: Remove /@unixroot/bin/sh dependency dmik

It tuns out that many packages now depend on the /@unixroot/bin/sh file (i.e. have it among their requirements). This is a virtual dependency since this file doesn't even exist. Instead, it is virtually provided by the ash package.

Since it's a non-existent file, this dependency in the given form looks very strange. Perhaps it is a deviation of the common /bin/sh dependency found in many linux packages but this still doesn't make it sane. If we want a virtual dependency, it's better to stick with sh instead as it doesn't create any path confusion.

#138 fixed pthread spec Silvan Scherrer

pthread-devel should depend on pthread. In the current spec file this is not the case.

#139 fixed openssl-1.0.0N-1.oc00.i686.rpm is broken Dave Yeo

The newest i686 release of openssl (openssl-1.0.0N-1.oc00.i686.rpm) is broken with cpio reporting premature end of file. i386 version works fine but on a c2d using the i386 version seems less then optimal.

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