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#55 invalid bash complains at startup: drive g: not ready ydario estellnb

Bash seems to check every drive on startup which leads to an annoying error message ('Drive g: is not ready') on every bash invocation (at me g: seems to be an emulated USB floppy). There is no autofail command in config.sys.

#56 invalid bash fails to execute rexx scripts: OS/2 extended shebang lines ydario estellnb

The current state is that I can execute *.cmds on my path under cmd.exe only and files with shebang line (!#/bin/..) under bash only. That seems reasonable at a first glance as cmd.exe can not understand shebang lines and thus simply ignores these files as expected. However when bash comes to find a *.cmd on its path it seems to look for a shebang line instead of a rexx strarter line (/* .. */) only and thus failes if a *.cmd is on path in a cryptic way: "unknown command ." or "unknown command E:\" or anything that way. One way out would be to make bash simply ignore *.cmds which would however disappoint me as I would like to use a certain collection of rexx-scripts also under bash. A better way would be to either check for the suffix (*.cmd) or to recognize rexx starter lines (/* ... */) in addition to shebang lines (#!/...). As things are implemented now I have to drop every folder which contains any *.cmd on bash startup from $PATH in .bashrc which is definitely not good.

#57 invalid yum update failure - perl ydario abwillis

Attempting to update perl and I receive: [d:\]yum update Setting up Update Process Error: Package tuple ('perl', 'i386', '0', '5.16.1', '0.7.oc00') could not be found in rpmdb

Tried: yum clean packages yum clean metadata yum clean all then a: yum check-update which shows (same results from Netlabs servers): cpio.i386 2.11-4.oc00 netlabs-rel-2rosenthals gawk.i386 4.0.0-2.oc00 netlabs-rel-2rosenthals libc.i386 0.6.5-16.oc00 netlabs-rel-2rosenthals libc-devel.i386 0.6.5-16.oc00 netlabs-rel-2rosenthals perl.i386 5.16.1-0.8.oc00 netlabs-exp-2rosenthals perl-libs.i386 5.16.1-0.8.oc00 netlabs-exp-2rosenthals

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