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#114 fixed urlgrabber 3.10.1 should reference /@unixroot instead of D: Lewis Rosenthal

urlgrabber 3.10.1 will not start from a shell, due to the shell declaration referencing a fixed path (D:/USR/BIN/python -t). Correcting this to:

/@unixroot/USR/BIN/python -t

works like a charm.

I don't have the older urlgrabber script (3.1) handy for comparison, but in any case, I would suggest this tweak.

#115 fixed Package intended for a noarch architecture? ggamba

Running "yum update":

--> Esecuzione del controllo di transazione
---> Package python-pycurl.pentium4 0: will be installato
--> Risoluzione delle dipendenze completata

Dipendenze risolte


 Pacchetto          Arch          Versione               Repository        Dim.

 urlgrabber         noarch        3.10.1-8.oc00          netlabs-rel      115 k
Installazioni per dipendenze:
 python-pycurl      pentium4        netlabs-rel      139 k

I confirm the update and:

Download dei pacchetti:
Running Transaction Check
Test di transazione in corso

Errore nel controllo transazione:
  package urlgrabber-3.10.1-8.oc00.noarch is intended for a noarch architecture

As you can imagine, I have "platform" file present in rpm configuration.

#116 invalid yum update on a new yum install fails guzzi

When running yum update on a fresh install, os2base package will fail to install, looks like because of missing libc. When I first run yum install libc, and then yum update, it all works.

Also, yum install yum on a fresh install will fail, did not check why saw mesaage about wrong python version..

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