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#23 fixed rpm: timestamps are not preserved when installing Yuri Dario Yuri Dario

when rpm installs a file, the timestamp is set to current time.

a simple test on ubuntu showed that timestamps are preserved on installation.

#24 worksforme broken installation if klibcpathrewriter is active during installation Yuri Dario herwigb

If the klibcpathrewriter is active during rpm/yum installation, the resulting setup is severely broken, because during installation stuff is put into %UNIXROOT%\etc which is expected to be in %ETC% (where \etc is rewritten by klibcpathrewriter) later.

#26 fixed GNU info/man build required to read documentation Yuri Dario ak120

The language and locale should be setup in CONFIG.SYS. SET LOCALEDIR=UNIXROOT:\usr\share\locale SET LANGUAGE=[de|...] Currently TERM=os2 - so GNU info is not capable to display anything. Additionally for man pages MANPATH should refer to /usr/share/man and PAGER to "more" as long no other program is installed

And please only install man pages or info pages documentation stuff, if appropriate tool for viewing them is installed before.

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