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#14 invalid SET PATH problem Yuri Dario fbakan

bootstrapping yum adds x:\usr\bin etc. to the beginning of PATH. This can cause problems. For example: When mptn\bin\setup.cmd contains


the wrong hostid get's called.

I think it's better to add PATH and LIBPATH entries at the end and not at the beginning.

#15 fixed Bootstrap 1.3 tangle. Yuri Dario David McKenna

Deleted my YUM/RPM installation and reinstalled using the recent bootstrap 1.3 package. Installation went without error and I could perform YUM commands from the YUM-console.

Trying to use YUM commands from the eCS command line directly, I would get errors that in effect indicated the RPM database could not be opened.

Comparing the contents of /TMP/YUMBT/BIN and /USR/BIN showed there were files starting with db_* and tcl* in the /TMP/YUMBT/BIN directory not present in the /USR/BIN directory. Listing available packages (from the YUM-console) showed a 'DB4' package available. I installed from the YUM-console (it also installed a 'TCL' dependency) and now I can use YUM and RPM from the command line.

Previous issues I had with earlier installs seem to be gone now.

#17 fixed rpmbuild can't stand CRLF in .spec files Yuri Dario dmik

It turns out that rpmbuild fails (with different kinds of errors) if the input .spec file uses CRLF as line separators. Most likely, the usual O_TEXT flag is forgotten when opening it.

This is quite important because .spec files are sometimes get processed by other tools (e.g. sed) that turn all LF to CRLF.

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