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#121 fixed Crash on using QT4 programs, Java programs and also in Lucide Anchieri

After updating my packages using the command: yum update I was unable to use most of my programs, I have attached the POPUPLOG.OS2 file that is filled with error.

#142 fixed Openssl version 1.0.0r is in error Anchieri

I have installed the last Openssl version:openssl-1.0.0r-1.oc00.i686.rpm. that contain this program: ssl10.dll 1381646 4-03-15 10:21p and after that I was unable to use CLIPGRAB, SMTUBE and also yum. All of this program ended without do what it have to do. I have copied from a previous backup of unixroot, the program: ssl10.dll 1336584 9-02-14 1:09a and all return normal. Please review this program.

#189 invalid Yum: after update it (with ANPM) my cmd yum .... don't function any more. Anchieri

Two days ago I have updated my yum using Arca Noae Packages manager, In the list of packages updated is listed yum and python, I have selected yum, after a while a window appeared with information that besides yum also python will be updated, I accepted and system continue the process. After downloading packages the system begin the installation process that terminate with a window that inform me that a blocking error is occurred and the process will be terminated after I close that window. By now my yum is unusable with neither ANPM nor PM yum cmd. ANPM don't give me the usual window with the list of packages installed, but only a blank window, the pm yum cmd do nothing, without a error msg giving me the motif. Please tell me what I have to do for downgrade this situation, or install manually this two packages after you have a solution for me. Thank you for all your work on this platform,

G.M. Anchieri

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