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Lightweight2 updated (from 1.1 to 1.2)

Network / Networking / Internet applications

Below is a list of all known networking and Internet related Qt4 applications that are available for OS/2 and eCS. Either maintained here or in the orginal code base. Entries are sorted in alphabetical order.

NameVersionDL LinkDescriptionWeb siteUpdate Info
Arora0.11.0bInstallerA lightweight cross-platform web browser. It uses the QtWebKit port of the fully standards-compliant WebKit layout engine. It features fast rendering and a powerful JavaScript engine.Arora home
BCChat2.1ZipBCChat is developed with the aim to create a chat application which can be run on any network.
Dooble1.17ZipDooble is a platform-independent Open Source Web browser.Dooble
Drss0.3.5ZipA simple news reader. These programs are also called aggregators.
EasyWake3.0ZipEasyWake is a Wake-on-LAN manager.EasyWake
gherald0.2.226bZipGmail Herald is a handy, easy to use Qt 4 based software specially designed to alert you when you have new Gmail messages (1).Gherald
IPQalc1.1ZipA small utility for IP address calculations including broadcast and network addresses as well as Cisco wildcard mask.IPQalc
Lightweight21.2ZipLightweight2 is a very small Browser.Lightweight2Since 0.5 version, OS/2 specific changes are included in the official sources.
Linksaver2.1.2.5ZipA Simple bookmark manager application (1).LinkSaver
NetFleet0.2.1ZipNetFleet is a multi-threaded download utility (1).NetFleet
Qbittorrent2.6.7ZipA bittorrent client (1).QBittorrentUpdated to 2.6.7
QBrows1.0ZipSmall web browser.QBrows
QChat0.3ZipQChat is a crossplatform LAN chat (1).QChat
Q-uma1.0ZipQ-Uma download manager a GUI front-end for GNU Wget (1).
Qshare2.1ZipqShare is an easy to use FTP server written in Qt with a built-in service discovery feature (1).Qshare
QSpeedTestr43ZipA GUI tool written in C++ and Qt for evaluating the latency and speed.QSpeedTest
QTgmail0.1ZipThis a GMail notifier clone (1).
QtWeb3.7ZipQtWeb is a compact, secure, portable and fast web browser having some unique UI and privacy features.QtWeb
Quassel0.5.2URLA graphical IRC client (1).Quassel
Rapidshare Downloader0.5.0ZipRapidshare Downloader is a simple application that allows you to download your files from (premium account).Rapidshare Downloader
Rub1.3.2ZipRub is intended to be a prompt and simple notifier on rss feeds (1).Rub
Scythia0.9.3ZipScythia is a simple FTP client.Scythia
Surfer1.0ZipSurfer is a simple web browser on QtWebKit that focus on usability.Surfer
TickVue0.11.01ZipWith TickVue you can track the stock market in nearly real-time.TickVue
yourownnewsmaker1.3ZipIt allows you to grab rss and atom feeds and just simple web-pages and covert them to pdf or fb2 files (1).yourownnewsmaker
WebMonX0.3.3ZipWebMonX monitors websites for updates and changes - it saves you time and always keeps you up-to-date by periodically checking these pages at set intervals (1).WebMonX


1 - The application uses the System Tray widget.

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