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Below is a list of all known Qt4 multimedia applications that are available for OS/2 and eCS. Either maintained here or in the orginal code base. Entries are sorted in alphabetical order.

NameVersionDL LinkDescriptionWeb siteUpdate Info
Abby0.4.8ZipA front-end for the streaming tool cclive.AbbyChanged to v4.6.2 GA
EMoC0.9.1bZipA simple application, front end for ffmpeg and mencoder command line programs.EMoCChanged to GA
Flashrip0.2ZipAllows you to rip Youtube videos and covert them to an MP3 or OGG file.Flashrip
Mediadownloader1.4.3ZipA opensource software that let you search, watch and download items with Google Image and YouTube (1).Mediadownloader
MP3Diags1.0.07.052ZipA Qt GUI-based application that allows end-users to identify issues with their MP3 files.MP3Diags
QoobarURLA GUI ID3 tag editor.Qoobar
Qtagger1.0.1ZipqTagger is a simple application designed editing id3-tag mp3-files.Qtagger
Qt Easy Video Encoder0.3.2ZipQEVEN allows to encode for several video format (VCD,DVD,SVCD,DIVX,XVID,FLV).QEVENUpdated with languages and Changed to GA
SMPlayer0.6.9ZipThe ultimate MPlayer front-end.SMplayerUpdated to 0.6.9
SubNamer1.0.1ZipRename automatically a great amount of subtitle files *.srt.SubNamerBased on GA


1 - The application uses the System Tray widget.

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