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Below is a list of all known Qt4 games that are available for OS/2 and eCS. Either maintained here or in the orginal code base. Entries are sorted in alphabetical order.

NameVersionDL LinkDescriptionWeb siteUpdate Info
Bloqus1.0.0ZipBloqus is a polyominos based game.Bloqus
Blubbels1.0ZipA game where you remove bubbles with matching colors.Blubbels
Capitalism0.5ZipA Boardgame to play Monopoly like games with it.CapitalismChanged to GA
Colorcode0.7.0ZipA clone of the Mastermind game.Colorcode
CuteGomoku0.2.1ZipPlay a game of Go against the computer.CuteGomoku
Cutemaze1.1.0ZipCuteMaze is a simple, top-down game with randomly generated mazes.CutemazeGA v4.6.2
Eightqueens0.3.4WpiA small program for toying around with the 8-queen problem.Changed to GA
Fairseabattle1.0ZipA battleship type game you might have played before.Fairseabattle
Gottet1.0.4ZipA tetris (C) clone written in Qt 4.Gottet
Hexalate1.0.1ZipA game where you have to align discs so their color rays match.Hexalate
HexGlass1.2.0ZipA Tetris-like puzzle game based on a hexagonal grid.HexGlass
Klikit1.0ZipA a Classical brain-twister "15-puzzle".
Minefield0.4.2ZipA simple minesweeper clone written in qt4.Minefield
Multilotek1.0ZipA game where you have to guess which numbers will be drawn.MultilotekGA v4.6.2
Openpref0.1.3ZipA card game.OpenprefGA v4.6.2
Patience0.9.7ZipJust a Patience / Solitaire Clone written in QT4.Patience
Peg-e1.1.0ZipA board game where you have to remove pegs.Peg-eGA v4.6.2
Peg-Solitaire1.0.2ZipA game, also known as English peg solitaire or Senku is of uncertain origin.Peg-Solitaire
Perceptron0.9ZipAllows you to out-guess a random number generator.
PIECES4.0.2ZipA program to play the traditional Tangram, game of Chinese origin.Glpeces
Nem-Nem2011-01-1ZipA a dice game, a variant of Yahtzee or Yam\'s.Nem-Nem
Qbal1.2ZipQBall is a simple breakout clone.Qbal
Qcheckers0.1ZipA Qt checkers game.Qcheckers
Qt-digits1.0ZipA Classical brain-twister "Bulls and Cows".
qTwister1.02ZipqTwister is a program for Twister players.qTwister
Simsu1.2.1ZipThe popular Japanese game of Sudoku.
symbolmachine1.0ZipSimple casino game, like Fruit Machine.Symbolmachine
SudokuResolver2.1.0ZipA sudoku resolver.Changed to GA
Suqoku0.5.7ZipA sudoku game written in Qt 4.Suqoku
Tanglet1.1.1ZipA single player word finding game based on Boggle.Tanglet
tasteroids60.6.1ZipA clone of the classic arcade game asteroids (no opengl support).
Tic Tac Toe From Hell3.3.0ZipThe TicTacToe game with animated graphics simulating hand drawing and many game variants.TTTFH
Tubularix0.5.1.5ZipA game similar to Tetris but viewed from above.TubularixQt4 4.6.2 GA

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