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Development applications

Below is a list of all known development (including file manager) Qt4 applications that are available for OS/2 and eCS. Either maintained here or in the original code base. Entries are sorted in alphabetical order.

NameVersionDL LinkDescriptionWeb siteUpdate Info
BeeDiff1.9ZipBeeDiff (beediff) is a program with graphical user interface (GUI) for comparing and merging files.BeeDiff
Beesoft Commander4.1.0ZipBeesoft Commander is a two-panel file manager (like Norton Commander).Beesoft Commander
BFRunnerZipBFRunner is a Brainfuck GUI interpreter.BFRunner
Cobras0.8ZipCobras is an IDE for programmers.Cobras
Database Modeller0.3ZipDatabase Modeller is a simple tool for drawing entity-relational (database schema) diagrams using Crow's Foot or Visio's Relational notation.Database Modeller
JuffEd0.8.1WpiA feature rich text editor with syntax highlighting, sessions, multiple charset support and much more, extensible with plugins (some already included). In Feb 2011, this release was extended: some bug fixes, and some automatic generation of C++ class and function skeletons added.Updated to Feb 2011 release
KDiff30.9.95ZipA sophisticated tool for comparing and merging files and displaying differences.KDiff3
QDevelop0.38ZipQDevelop is an IDE for QT.QDevelop
Qt Creator1.3.1InstallerQt Creator: The Cross-Platform Qt IDE by NokiaQt CreatorUpdate 2011-04-10
Qt Creator AStyle Plugin0.5.1InstallerArtistic Style Plugin for Qt CreatorAStyle PluginUpdate 2011-04-10
Tesh1.0ZipA text editor with syntax highlighting.


1 - The application uses the System Tray widget.

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