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Miscellaneous applications

Below is a list of all known Qt4 applications that are available for OS/2 and eCS. Either maintained here or in the orginal code base. Entries are sorted in alphabetical order.

NameVersionDL LinkDescriptionWeb siteUpdate Info
Aarni0.2.0.2ZipAarni is a small and easy-to-use file encryptor.Aarni
ASTranslator0.9.12ZipThis application translates text via Google Translate engine. Changed to GA
Basqet0.2.0ZipA cross platform note-taking software (1).BasqetQt v4.7.3
BiblioteQ6.5.3ZipBiblioteQ strives to be a complete and thorough library management suite.BiblioteQQt v4.7.3
CoolReader33.0.51ZipA eBook reader.CoolReader3updated to 3.0.51
CopyQ0.0.1ZipCopyQ is clipboard manager with searchable and editable history (1).CopyQQt v4.7.3]
DaemonFS1.1ZipA real time file watcher. This tool lets you track modifications to your files.DaemonFS
DjView44.8ZipA DjVu file viewer.DjView4read the readme.os2 carefully
DiffPDF1.2.2ZipDiffPDF is used to compare two PDF files.DiffPDF
Eyes0.9.5ZipThis program helps you find your cursor on the screen if you have lost it. Changed to GA
FileSynq0.1ZipFileSynq is an easy to use, small Qt program specially designed to help you synchronize 2 folders.
fleetingpm2.7ZipFleeting Password Manager generate and manage passwords for given url/id and user namefleetingpmQt v4.7.3
HolyServices1.0.0.21ZipCalendar-like planning of holy services for small parishes, connection to iCal supporting time-organizers.HolyservicesQt v4.7.3
Kapow1.3.4ZipA punch clock program designed to easily keep track of your hours, whether you're working on one project or many (1).KapowQt v4.7.3
KBackup0.9.2ZipA application that uses rsync to perform backups (1).KBackup
Kontakter0.2ZipA easy-to-use yet powerful address book with advance search functionality.Kontakter
leminuteur2011-5.1ZipA simple timer application developed for an article in a magazine Magnum (1).
LillePOS1.0.1ZipLillePOS is a 'Point Of Sale' application originally implemented for a small coffee shop.
luckybackup0.4.5Zip... a powerful, fast and reliable backup & sync tool.Luckybackup
LugduloV0.6.0ZipA bike sharing application. It allows you to find free bikes or slots near you.LugduloV
MccHTMLMapper0.3ZipMcc HTML Mapper is a software to create image maps for the web.MccHTMLMapperQt v4.7.3
MultifileDetector1.8.1ZipMultifileDetector allows you to detect multiple files. Once a file already exists is detected,it can be manually or automatically deleted.MultifileDetectorQt v4.7.3
MyCinema ZipMyCinema is a simple, fast, and multiplatform application to create your own movie collection.MyCinema
Qccrypt0.3ZipA front-end for the ccrypt en/decryption tool.Qccrypt
QdiskUsage1.0.4ZipA Graphical Disk Usage Analyzer.
Qgoogletranslate0.2b7ZipThis application translates text via Google Translate engine (1).QgoogletranslateChanged to GA
Qlipper1.8.3ZipA clipboard history applet. Maybe useful if you don't have KDE's KlipperQlipperQt v4.7.3
Qlipshare0.0.1ZipA system tray application to synchronize clipboard contents between computers, for instance between host and guest(s) in the virtual machine. It supports text and selection clipboard. A history window with the possibility to restore older clipboard's contents is available (1).
qmetro0.5.2ZipMap of the transport system for many city subwaysqMetroQt v4.7.3
qpass1.2.0ZipQPass is easy to use, open source password manager application. It enables you to store your confidential data crypted (1).Qpass
QPassgen1.0ZipA Small GUI application to generate random secure passwords (like NCpg*fmO_08uLh).QPassgen
QScaleGen0.3ZipQScaleGen is a small application for generating scales for guitar players.QScaleGen
Qsifre2.0ZipA simple and easy to use password management tool.Qsifre
Qtar1.0.7ZipRead .pro files to create a .tar file with the files linked in the .pro.
qtDbf0.9.3ZipA simple DBF viewer and editor.qtDbf
qtrehber0.6Zipqtrehber is a phone book written with Qt.qtrehberQt v4.7.3
Quicky0.4ZipQuicky is a simple note-taking application with Wiki-style syntax and behaviour.Quicky
Qwatermark0.2.1ZipA simple application to make watermark.
shinrai1.0.0ZipShinrai is a password manager. Nowadays, accessing some websites require an authentication process.Shinrai
shoppingList1.1aZipprogram for planning and accountingShoppingListQt v4.7.3
solidROC12.00.08ZipSolidROC application uses Tesseract (Optical Character Recognition application) to extract the text inside images.SolidRocQt v4.7.3
Sqliteman1.2.2ZipA simple but powerfull Sqlite3 GUI database manager.Sqliteman
syncbackup1.1.1ZipFront-end for rsync provides a fast and extraordinarily copying tool.syncbackup
Synkron1.6.0Zip SourcesA free, powerful directory synchronizing tool with many options.
Taskbar1.4.6ZipTaskbar is a transparent taskbar to collect users favorite applications and run them in a simple click.TaskbarQt 4.7.3
Tradutor0.1ZipTranslates text via Google Translate api.
XQueryEvaluator0.5.8.2ZipXQueryEvaluator is a little editor to help writing XQuery scripts.
zNotes0.4.5ZipA lightweigh crossplatform application for notes management (1).zNotes


1 - The application uses the System Tray widget.

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