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TEA 40.0 don't contain ASPELL15.DLL

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Please I have installed and want test TEA ver. 40.0 but the zip file lack of ASPELL15.dll, how I can obtain this file? or alternatively, it's possible to insert a parameter in the line that start the program?.

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Try yum install aspell.

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As in readme:

For yum usage:


  1. yum install aspell (this also installs the english dictionary)

aspell languages

  1. yum install aspell-xx were xx is your language (not all are available)

For zip usage:


  1. Download aspell from f.i.
  2. Unpack and install the dll to your libpath eg. x:\ecs\dll

aspell languages

  1. Download aspell-xx from f.i.
  2. unpack the files to x:\psi_application_dir\aspell (not all languages are available)
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Thank all for your help, after install aspell using yum all go wright and this ticket can be closed.

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