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#89 fixed Implement QFontDatabase::addApplicationFont() and friends Dmitry A. Kuminov

There is a possibility to add private application-specific fonts which may be used by some applications. Currently, it's a noop on OS/2 and will always fail at application level.

Methods in qfontdatabase_pm.cpp that need to be implemented are:

  • registerFont()
  • QFontDatabase::removeApplicationFont()
  • QFontDatabase::removeAllApplicationFonts()
  • QFontDatabase::supportsThreadedFontRendering()
#90 fixed Resizing top level window using top border breaks mouse coordinates Dmitry A. Kuminov

If you resize the top level window by grabbing its top border and moving it up, mouse coordinates (as seen by Qt) are broken somehow (approximately) by the dimension of the vertical resize.

This can be seen for instance in the standard QFileDialog: after the described resize, pressing mouse in the family selector list box will select an item above the actual mouse location.

#91 fixed Main menu bar is not always redrawn Dmitry A. Kuminov

If you move the mouse pointer over the main menu bar, the menu item below the pointer gets sunken (classic windows style) and then gets restored when the mouse pointer leaves its rectangle. Sometimes this doesn't happen: the menu item may be left sunken after the mouse leaves it or vice versa, it may not change to sunken when the mouse enters it.

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