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#232 fixed Missing QtCore exports rudi

Attempting a full rebuild (no shadow) fails when linking QtXml? due to missing exports from QtCore?. Several symbols (like QByteArray::QByteArray(const char *) are not exported anymore. The newly created QtCore?.lib is smaller than it used to be.

Shadow build fails even earlier. QMake can't be built due to missing include path (qstringlist.h not found).

#231 fixed Problem creating multiple QFilesystemWatchers rudi

When QT Creator starts up, the following message appears:

QOS2FileSystemWatcherEngine:: DosOpen?(\PIPE\XNOTIFY) returned 231

#230 fixed Avoid quoting of make variables/macros rudi

In r909 quoting for "clean" targets was introduced. This creates a rule like this:

   -$(DEL_FILE) $(basename $(DESTDIR_TARGET)).map >nul 2>&1

I think, we should not quote file names, that are expanded by make.

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