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#80 fixed Child widgets are sometimes not redrawn Dmitry A. Kuminov

There is one more redraw problem I found. This problem may be seen if a top-level window that contains a combobox is dragged by holding the title bar with the left mouse button while the drop-down list of the combobox is open. The list will disappear after the mouse button press but the appearance of the combobox will remain as if the list is still open (in particular, the list button will remain sunken and the focus will not go back to the line editor).

If, while still holding the mouse button at the title one will move a part of the window containing the combobox partly offscreen and then move it back onscreen, he will see that the part of the combobox that was offscreen will be properly redrawn but not the rest.

#81 fixed Error Tellie

Some programs give me this output. g++ -Zomf -Zstack 0x2000 -Zmap -Zlinker "DISABLE 1121" -s -o release\blubbels.exe @release\OBJECTS.blubbels.Release.rsp -Lu:\qt-4.5.1\lib -lQtGui4 -lQtCore4 n -x2 release\app_icon.res release\blubbels.exe SYS1041: The name n is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

I see in the makefile that it's calling this line: $(RC) -n -x2 $(RES_FILE) $(DESTDIR_TARGET) Whats (RC) for a program, the only program i see is Operating System/2 Resource Compiler Version 3.00.011 May 30 1995 But when i look for the -n and the x2 i see only for -n -n - Don't show logo

No option for -x2 So i believe i have wrong program, what program must i use..

#82 fixed add support for wrc Silvan Scherrer

adding support for wrc in qmake.

if emxomfld_rc_type=WRC then take wrc otherwise rc

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